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Toddlers School Programs

In the short period between the ages of 18-36 months, toddlers hit huge milestones in their development as they begin to shape their personalities and adapt to the world around them, gaining independence from parents and caregivers. At The Montessori School, children will have a nurturing and caring environment for this significant period of development, where kids will set the foundation for lifelong learning with an enthusiasm for discovering new things about the world around them. Here you can find answers to common questions about our toddler program, which utilizes the Montessori Method for optimal learning success.

Why do children need formal education during toddler years?

Toddler years are critical in child development, and having the right guidance through these years helps children hone their motor skills, build early social skills, and learn the foundations of language. In the Montessori classroom, students will be taught with strategies that follow the natural tendencies of childhood to promote an enthusiasm for learning.

What types of lessons are seen in the classroom?

Children mostly work independently with toys and tools that facilitate tasks like sorting, sequencing, and matching. Students also have puzzles that can encourage the development of fine motor skills like pouring, lacing, and scooping. Sensory activities are another staple of the Montessori toddler program. For example, children can trace sandpaper numbers with their fingers or mix different colors of paint together to begin recognizing new symbols and patterns. Repeated practice with these learning tools reinforces skills in a fun and productive way that stimulates young minds.

How is success measured among students?

At the toddler level, students are not given grades or report cards, but they are closely observed by instructors specializing in early childhood education. Teachers will offer guidance and support, but they tend to stand back and observe more often to let children learn and discover on their own. Success is measured through student participation and continuing curiosity in the classroom.

What role do parents play in toddler education?

To continue the education toddlers get in the classroom, parents can set up stations for learning and exploring at home. In addition to independent playtime, children can benefit from activities like cooking and cleaning with parents.

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