The Montessori School: The premiere Montessori Schools conveniently located in Allen: (972) 727-2800 and North Dallas: (972) 985-8844.
StarCreek (972) 727-2800 North Dallas (972) 985-8844

Montessori School

The Montessori School at StarCreek is quickly becoming the premiere Montessori School in the Metroplex area. StarCreek is a facility with over 35,000 square feet and 17 classrooms dedicated to music, science and much more.

We are a school that firmly believes in Maria Montessori’s approach to teaching children. We strive to create a learning atmosphere that is not only stimulating, but focuses on your child’s interests. It is this individualized approach to teaching that creates a one of a kind learning environment. This “Prepared Environment” stimulates children’s minds and motivates them to get involved. We feel an atmosphere that is based on discovery and problem solving is invaluable to a child’s self-image and development.

At the Montessori School, it is our mission to develop a positive attitude toward school and learning write my essay online. We want to nurture your child’s self-esteem and help foster an abiding curiosity. Developing each child’s innate, ultimate potential through high self-expectations will provide the necessary skills for a lifetime of learning.

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Our Locations:

The Montessori School at StarCreek
915 Ridgeview,
Allen, Texas 75013
The Montessori School of North Dallas
18303 Davenport Road
Dallas, Texas 75252
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